Your Guide To The Best Pool Toys 2020

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Nothing beats the heat like an invigorating dip in your swimming pool! We are sure you spend half of your summers drinking, bbqing and partying by the poolside.

But, how do you double the summer fun and make the most of the time you spend with your friends and family, by the pool? Add some exciting pool toys to the scene, of course!

Yes, pool toys have the power of making your pool a fun playground and spicing up your usual pool experiences. Not only that, they also help kids improve on their dexterity and flexibility.

However, there’s a suite of pool toys available out there, and it might get hard for you to choose the best ones for you and your family.

Hence, we have rounded a list of the best pool toys of 2020, from a sea saw water rocker to a poolside rock climbing wall, everything that will keep you and your kids entertained throughout the Australian summers.


Intex Pool Volleyball Game

The Intex Pool Volleyball Game is an above ground pool volleyball set and one of the most popular inflatable pool games of the season!

Perfect for enriching your summer afternoon with fun, laughter and memories, The Intex Pool Volleyball comes with everything you need to get an exciting game of pool volleyball started.

Available in packs of 2,3, 4 and 5, the complete set contains an inflatable beach ball, a floating base with an attached net, 2 anchors to prevent the net from drifting across the water and a shelf box for easy storage.

In addition to that, the package includes a repair kit that facilitates in easy repairs of cuts or leakages on the game.

Sounds interesting? There’s more to it. During the sale period, the price of the game drops to as low as $9.99.

Check out one of the best pool volleyball sets, the ​Intex Pool Volleyball​ here and bring the fun of beach volleyball to your swimming pool. It is also available from Big W, currently priced at $10.00.


Aqua Dive Rings (set of 6)

Is your kid a nervous swimmer? Arguably one of the best pool toys for kids, The ​Aqua Dive Rings​ are perfect to encourage your little one to dive in and work on their water confidence.

Vibrantly colourful and extremely versatile, the Aqua Dive Rings give kids endless possibilities for fun as they can create their own games involving diving and retrieving the rings from the bottom of the pool.

In addition to that, it helps your little ones polish their underwater swimming and diving skills as swimmers get into a competition for retrieving the most rings in the shortest span of time!

Made by Aqua Leisure, a trusted manufacturer of pool accessory products, the Aqua Dive Rings come in set of 6, priced at only $8.99 on Amazon.

Their bright colors make them easy to spot underwater, which avoids the risk of your child spending too much time trying to retrieve the rings.

Rebel Sport stock a similar product, the Aqua Splash Shimmer Fish Dive Ringsa great pool game for kids’ swim training.


Swimline Giant Shootball, an inflatable basketball style pool game

The ​Swimline Giant Shootball​ is a floating basketball-inspired pool toy that attracts swimmers of all ages.

The perfect accessory for your pool party, this inflatable pool game provides endless fun (and some healthy competition) for your family and friends, as they swim around catching and throwing the ball.

What’s more? The toy features multiple ports that allow multiple shooters to play at once!

Made out of heavy-duty vinyl, the Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool toy is a durable, long lasting and versatile product available for only $31.99. Buy it on Amazon and get the ball rolling today!


King Kool Inflatable Lounge

Number four on our list is The ​King Kool Inflatable Lounge​, a top pick for someone who wants to spend their summer time weekends lounging and relaxing amidst the water!

Equipped with a backrest and wide armrests, The King Kool Inflatable Lounge makes for an ultra-comfortable inflatable bed.

What’s more? It comes with a built-in drink holder to provide added convenience and comfort.

This pool toy also allows you to keep an eye on your younger one while you spend the time of your life floating on the surface.

Available in two colors, clear and blue, the King Kool Inflatable Lounge also features a transparent top panel showcasing vivid multi-colored I-beams inside the float.

Made out of heavy-gauge vinyl, this swimming pool lounge is capable of accommodating a variety of body types and sizes.

Find it at Amazon for only $11.99 and gear up for a relaxing weekend by the pool, today!

For more Best Pool Toys Australia check out Kmart Pool Toy range or check out our beautiful swimming pool Gallery for your swimming pool inspiration.

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