Suspended concrete pool

Suspended Brisbane Concrete Pools

No one can deny the magic of going in for a dip in a gorgeous suspended swimming pool a few stories above the street. Suspended, elevated pools are typically built on extremely steep sites, like high rise buildings. Usually, they are designed by engineers to be incorporated into the higher floors of a house, or constructed on large, concrete piers.  Just imagine enjoying a relaxing swim while admiring a stunning view of the outdoors.

These suspended swimming pools are built according to precise engineering and architectural specifications while meeting safety and building codes. Your dream pool can be built without trouble on your part, and all you have to do is enjoy it!

Infinity Edge Brisbane Concrete Pools

A pool with a vanishing edge will give you an infinite view and the feeling of being one with nature.  Infinity edge concrete pools are also known as waterfall edge pools or wet edge pools. They are designed to look like there is no separation between the surrounding landscape features and the water. They consist of a weir built at a lower level, which catches the water flows off the edge of the swimming pool. They are usually built on sloping sites, and most of the time, they face watercourses to give the illusion of the water flowing into the sea. 

Infinity edge concrete pools are also excellent for leafy sites since the weir helps catch the leaves that fall into the pool. If you’re a person who likes nature, this swimming pool might be the right one for you!

Infinity edge concrete pool
Boutique pool builders installation

Blade Edge Concrete Pools

Blade edge concrete pools are very similar to infinity pools, except for the fact that there is no weir to catch the water. The pool creates an optical illusion that the water goes over the edge, but in reality, the water just sits below the top of the blade. 

Plunge Pools

A plunge pool is usually built for hydrotherapy, aquatic exercise or relaxation. They are very popular with athletes who use them for a quick recovery after intense workouts. A plunge pool can increase flexibility and loosen muscles before or after training, so it gives a huge advantage for people who do sports.

Plunge pools are great for small 400mm block backyards or townhouses. With your very own plunge pool, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy anytime you want!

Plunge concrete pool with safety fence in Kedron, Brisbane
Concrete lap pool

Lap Pools

Lap pools are specifically designed for avid swimmers who like getting some exercise and training squeezed in their schedules as often as possible. Usually, the designs are narrow and long, and oftentimes more than 50 feet in length. Having your own lap pool and taking a swim often helps improve your mood, and improves your flexibility and posture.

Lap pools often have a few additional steps and bench areas attached for the whole family to enjoy. They’re a great choice if you like keeping active with your loved ones.

Concrete Pool Builders in Brisbane

Looking for the perfect concrete pool and landscape that is completely unique to your backyard? Our Custom Pool and Design service allows us to create modern, functional, and flexible outdoor spaces that suit our individual client’s Brisbane lifestyle and vision. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect entertaining area, a family friendly backyard with lots of space for the kids to play, or a feature pool with an added ‘wow’ factor; our team can help you design your custom concrete pool and dream outdoor area.

Understanding that no two concrete pool projects are the same, our team takes great pride in treating each client and project as individual from the outset. We will consult with you for every small detail and stage of the project, ensuring that we deliver an outdoor space that truly captures your dream backyard.

Our Brisbane design team has been recognised for their outstanding design skills by winning Best Residential Landscape & Pool Construction at the 2018 Landscape Queensland Construction Excellence Awards, so you can be reassured that we have the skills and experience to bring your unique vision to life.

They also use state-of-the-art 3D rendering software allowing you to fully visualise and understand your custom pool design before the installation begins.

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