Swimming Pool and Landscape Design and Consultancy in Brisbane

Are you considering the construction of a new swimming pool and landscaping project for your new or renovated home.

If so it’s important to plan this type of construction well in advance.

The key to a good functional and economical project is in the initial design, it’s not simply a matter of digging a hole or moving around some earth, it’s a project that requires careful planning and managing from the early stages through to the execution of the works, a project that requires certain standards that must be maintained.

When building a new house the positioning of the swimming pool and associated retaining walls, pathway, gardens and outdoor entertaining areas may have a direct affect on the house builders Engineering and position of services, existing and proposed ground levels and possible site constraints which need to be considered.

It’s sounds simply – It’s anything but. For this reason you should be assured that you are receiving value for money when selecting a swimming pool or landscaping firm to undertake your project.

By having all the project design and specifications sorted out prior to calling for quotations you will avoid the pitfalls of competitive quoting in that every contractor selected to provide a quotation for your project will be on an even playing field as they will all be pricing on the same project design and specifications.

Your house builder will then have all the required information they require to ensure the new house or your home renovation plans have taken into consideration your requirements for the swimming pool and landscaping works often providing substantial savings on the overall project by undertaking the works in the correct sequence avoiding the potential unnecessary double handling and having uncoordinated tradespeople on site.

Cityscapes Pools and Landscapes provide an independent professional Design and Consultancy Service for quality residential Swimming Pools and Landscaping Projects.

Our designers and consultants have over 25 years design and construction experience in the swimming pool and landscape industries and offer the latest design concepts with extensive knowledge of the most up to date swimming pool finishes and options, construction technology and equipment.

So, if you are looking at building a new home or renovating an existing property and wish to include a new swimming pool and some landscaping as part of the project why not contact our team today and arrange an initial site analysis and preliminary discussion.

‘A Successful outcome is achieved by good planning’

Our service is available to New Home Builders and Private Home Owners.  Contact us now to obtain an estimate for our Design and Consultancy Fees for your project.

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