Commonly Asked Questions When Building A Pool in Brisbane

So… you are considering a new concrete swimming pool?
Here some commonly asked questions to assist you

What size pool can I have?

The average pool size today has become smaller due to the reduced land sizes, other factors that control size are boundary setbacks, storm water and sewer pipes or easements, building distance to house walls, land levels and access.

Cityscapes can design and build pools to suit any lot size with sizes varying from but not limited  to 4x3m, 6x3m, 7×3.5 with average family pool sizes being 6x3m, 7×3.5m, 8x4m.

Do I need Council Permission to build a pool?

In most instances swimming pool are approved through Private Certifiers (CDC) however special approvals are sometime required when building near sewer pipes, above ground or in special zoned area. Cityscapes Pools takes care of all approval processes.

Do I need my neighbour’s permission or approval to build a pool?

Generally, with CDC (Complying Development) we are not required to notify neighbours, however, is some instances this is required if a boundary fence alteration has required a Relaxation Application.

We do however suggest at least advising your neighbours of the pending construction of your new swimming pool as a courtesy as communication with neighbours always helps.

How much does an average pool cost to build?

To honestly answer this question, a pool will vary in price subject to size, site conditions, location, access, selected inclusions, features, and finishes.

The important thing to keep in mind when obtaining quotes is that each company you contact provides a totally open and honest picture of all the associated costs with realistic pricing for items such as the supply of pool coping, fencing, electrical connections etc so you have a true budget not a deflated budget that may cost you extra during construction.

We suggest you work to a budget when speaking with a designer so that you can obtain the best value for money there is little point in dreaming high on added items if the budget is not able to afford them, many items like heating and extended landscaping can be added later to save money up front.

What is the warranty on a concrete swimming pool?

All structural works are covered under a 6-year warranty provided through QBCC

Cityscapes Pools have been in business since 1993 and have a unblemished record of building all types and sizes of concrete pool and landscapes throughout Brisbane, for this reason you can be assured of the same quality for your new family swimming pool as we build our pools right the first time. We back our pools, We warrant our pools and We Honour our commitment to build the best pools.

We established members of the Master Builders Association of Queensland.

How long does it take to build my pool?

The actual building time will depend on the size of the project, the amount of associated landscaping if applicable, weather conditions, site conditions and accessibility and the range of accessories you may have selected.

An average guide is the whole process from contract to swimming may vary between 3-6 months.

The stages are:
  1. Design and contract stage including Engineering. (2-3 weeks)
  2. Council or CDC approval (2 weeks DCD- Allow up to 30 days for Council/Relaxation)
  3. Surveyors set out of your new pool prior to excavation.
  4. Pool construction (8-12 weeks dependant on project size and inclusions).

Why select concrete over Fibreglass?

This is the age-old question, basically although concrete will usually (however not always) be more expensive, there are far more advantages for choosing a concrete swimming pool.

  1. Flexibility in design to suit your family’s needs in size, shape, depths, and finishes.
  2. Ability to build to all site levels, soil types and conditions, accessibility of installation.
  3. Visual appearance and perceived value for money spent.
  4. Ability to create individual designs.
  5. Range of finishes, including tiles, coloured glass bead, waterline tiles.
  6. Longevity of construction.
  7. Ability to build in or above ground on practically any site.

What is the best equipment for my pool?

The type of equipment selected for your pool can depend on the volume, access to sewer or storm water system, distance from the pool and your personal choice on chlorination.

Your designer should advise you which system will suit your requirements.

Cityscapes Pools offers all the alternative systems including sand and cartridge filters, various pumps to suit your project as well as a choice of liquid chlorine, traditional Salt water and the genuine Magna Pool (Mineral Water Pools).

Do I need a Surveyor?

Due to recent regulation surrounding pools located on a property boundary or on vacant properties (New House Builds) it has become compulsory that the pool is set out on site by a registered surveyor to ensure accuracy of location and levels.

When do I need to select my tiles or pavers for my pool?

As there is a large selection of pool coping pavers and tiles available on the market and they come in various sizes and thicknesses it is important that you have all products selected prior to the pool construction so that concrete sizes and heights can be set to suit the products selected. Cityscapes Pools requires the selection to be made prior to contract so that designs can be adjusted if necessary.

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