Pool builders Checklist

Building your very own swimming pool is more than simply choosing a design and having it constructed. As a major home project, building a pool has to follow a guided process. This pool builders checklist can save you from possible problems. Ignore a step and you might pay more than you plan for. 

Step - 1

Contact Local Council

The first step in the pool builders checklist, before choosing swimming pool designs and prices, is to reach out to your local council to know the requirements and fees. One sure requirement is pool fencing. This is imposed by law currently in Australia.

Step - 2

Do a Geotechnical Survey

Several homeowners construct pools, only to see cracks after a season or two. They think this is the installer’s fault, but this may be caused by soil or land instability. Concrete pools are firm and if the soil moves underneath, cracks and leaks can appear. Conducting a geotechnical survey will make you aware of this issue. You can opt for a fibreglass pool instead or pay more to have the soil below compacted. You may ask your neighbors if they had the same issue. You may not need not do this step in the pool builders checklist if they did not have such a problem.

Step - 3

Planning and Design

Along with the eagerness and enthusiasm, many homeowners hastily decide to put up the pool in the middle of their yard. Later on, they regret this decision. You can ask a landscape architect who can help you plan the best setup for your pool. Photos from our Pool Design Ideas pages will help you visualize the perfect plan for your pool.

Step - 4

Canvass Prices

Never get your pool from the first pool contractor you meet. Shop around to compare their prices and services. Look for references and get in touch with their former clients. A lot of pool builders are very good, but some trick their costumers  to prolong construction. Make sure you are dealing with honest and licensed pool contractors who had served a lot of happy customers.

Step - 5

Plan Approval

Pool installation is such a big project, it’s like doing an extension of your home. You need to have to draft a plan and get your council to approve it. Possible concerns that might be brought up are tree preservation orders, drainage, and location of overhead power lines. Your pool builder should guide you with the process of plan approval.

Step - 6

Pool Inspection

After your pool is installed, you have to ask pool inspectors to visit your home. They will ensure proper fencing and clear other safety issues. If the inspector is satisfied, they will give you a safety certificate. If something needs adjustment or repair, you need to solve these before they give you the certificate. Some pool inspectors can do minor fixes on your pool, but they will charge extra.

 Be diligent and do everything as prescribed by the council, properly design your pool, have a reputable pool contractor and it will be a breeze to get your safety certificate. Follow all these steps and you will have a pool to enjoy in your very own home.

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