Newmarket Plunge Pool

With space at a premium and overhead power line nearby, every square centimeter matters.

This project was designed to combine the swimming pool with the pathway to the front door by maximizing limited space to its full potential. Front yard pools usually present many challenges. This Swimming Pool has been designed to make the most of a tight space between the street footpath, an existing carport, and the adjoining neighboring house wall. Corners needed to be cut (literally) to allow access to the front door and for the pool to comply with strict fence regulations. Materials were carefully chosen to match the feel of the traditional Queensland home.   

The result is a plunge pool set in an intimate space with a sense of courtyard living when the gate is closed, becoming an instant pathway to the front door when the visitors arrive. Despite its small scale, this project meets high-end aesthetic value with functionality of the family needs.   

Although some engineering constrains and relocation of existing services were disrupting the flow of works, the owners did not give up on their dream throughout the whole process. They were patient, understanding and pleasure to work with.

Cashew Travertine Coping and French Pattern Surrounds with Amalfi Glass Mosaic Waterline Tiles were supplied by Pool Tile Co and compliment the overall design.

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