Plunge Pool Project (Kedron)

This concrete plunge pool project and landscape was designed and built by CItyscapes for a residential property in Kedron, Brisbane.

The concept was designed to compliment the Hampton style home and included an inground pool build and landscaping.

As there wasn’t a large outdoor space to work with, it was important the concrete plunge pool and landscape was functional and made good use of space.

A boundary retaining wall was incorporated to retain privacy for the family and custom water feature was the focus point of the plunge pool. A long bench was installed where the family can sit and enjoy the effects of the water feature.

The Cityscapes landscaping team used premium, semi – advanced trees to frame the space and complement the soft landscaping of the overall design. The landscaped area allows for year round enjoyment for this family.

The tiles were carefully selected to provide light, match the style of the home and for their functionality for the family.

Pool size: approx. 8m x 4m

Concrete plunge pool features

  • Pebble interior
  • LED pool lights
  • Magna Pool
  • Water Feature

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