How To Choose The Perfect Swimming Pool Tiles

Whether you’re building a brand new pool or simply giving your existing pool a new lease on life, choosing the right swimming pool tiles can be an overwhelming decision. Not only do you need to decide on a tiling option for inside your pool, but you also need to think about the choice of tiles for the surrounding pool area. You’ll want something that fits within your budget, is durable, easy to clean, and of course looks great!

 To help you get started thinking about choosing the right swimming pool tiles, here are our top 5 things to consider. 

  1.       Choosing The Right Type Of Tile

One of the first decisions you’ll make when picking out your new pool tiles is what material you’d like. Pool tiles can come in ceramic and porcelain, glass, or natural stone. 

Ceramic and Porcelain have traditionally been the ‘go-to’ choice in swimming pool tiles and are great for those with a strict budget.  The tiles can be hand painted with intricate designs or formed into a mosaic.

If you’re looking for something to truly bring your pool area to life then you might be more inclined to choose glass tiles. While a little more expensive that ceramic and porcelain, glass tiles shimmer in changing light or as water flows over their surface creating a truly eye-catching feature. Glass pool tiles are also extremely durable and non-porous meaning they are less likely to wear out, fade, or discolour.

For those looking for a more natural or Mediterranean style, stone tiles are a great option. They are perfect for adding a natural look and textured look to your pool design, while being relatively affordable especially for larger areas.

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  1. Picking The Right Colour

Once you’ve picked out what type of tile you’d like the next step is to choose a colour. The most common pool tile colours are blue, green and white, as these reflect the lights and water quite well and make pools look bright and inviting. If you want to add depth and dimension to the pool, opt for darker or mixed colours, or to create an eye-catching feature within your pool try adding an accent colour to your design.

When you are swimming pool tile shopping just remember that the tiles will change colour subject to lighting and brightness of the sun, reflections off trees and structures and when it is submerged in water; so don’t get too caught up in picking between two very similar shades!

3.     Where Are You Tiling?

When picking out your swimming pool tiles you need to be sure that your choice will compliment the surrounding pool area.  For this reason it’s important to think about all the areas of tile application within your pool area from the pool walls and floor, to the waterline and edging, and your surrounding deck area.

  • Waterline tile. These are the tiles placed under the edge of your pool to mark the ideal water level. Using decorative tiles on your waterline is an easy and simply way to add an accent to your pool.
  • Coping. Coping is the edge or border of the whole pool and is extended over or above the water line. Coping usually has discreet tile materials like stone but can be versatile and make use of mosaic glass tiles to add a touch of luxury.
  • Steps. Another way to add an accent mark to your pool is by adding different tiles to make your steps. They can also be lined with iridescent tiles or glow in the dark ones, which will also act as a guide at night.
  • Walls and Floors. You can keep things classic and simple with one tile to cover your pool’s walls and floor, or you can be creative with decorative mosaic tiles to create a statement to your pool.
  • Deck.  The area surrounding your pool will need to be fitted with anti-slip tiles or materials with better grip. This is especially important if you have children playing around your pool area.

4.    Check Your Tile Maintenance

Don’t forget to ask your supplier about the best way to clean and care for your new tiles. Overtime your tiles will naturally develop scum and build-up, so it’s important to know which abrasive cleaner or chemicals will work best without damaging the tiles.  

5.    Know Your Budget

It might be the last on our list, but it’s one of the first things you should sit down decide and on. Understanding how much you have to spend on your tiles will guide you from the beginning and may allow you to spend your budget elsewhere. You might find that you’d prefer to spend your budget on a unique water feature rather than decorative tiles, or on the other hand you don’t want to go over your budget on tiles and then not be able to afford the surrounding landscaping to complete your brand new pool area.

Whether you’re looking at re-tiling your current pool, building a custom one of a kind pool with added wow factor, or just want an affordable pool to cool off in summer, here at Cityscapes we have a range of packages to suit.

And with a team of in-house designers, builders, and landscapers we have the knowledge and experience to design, plan, and construct your dream backyard from start to finish.  Contact us today to get started on your project.

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