Top Pool Lighting Trends 2020

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While a ‘nice swim in the sun’ has the power to revitalise your senses, there’s something utterly exceptional about dipping in a pool with an alluring ambience and serene lights. Yes, clever pool lighting can easily take your pool experience from mediocre to magnificent. Not only that, a well-lit pool also lends a necessary degree of safety and utility, allowing you not to fumble along your backyard path at night, or worry about your guest swimmers after sundown.

If you’re a pool enthusiast, wanting to add life to your backyard, we suggest giving your pool an update by adding some strategic lights around it. Sift through our Top 2019 Pool Lighting Trends and discover some inspiration as you plan for the pool season.


If you’re a fan of ambient lighting, Floating Lights are the newest and the trendiest options you can go with for lighting up your backyard pool. Available in floral, polygonal, disco ball, balloon, and animal shapes, these floating lights seamlessly blend with small to medium sized pools, and look stunningly pleasant to the eye. The best part is that you can even customize the tone of these floating lights, keeping them translucent or opaque according to what suits your setting the most.

The Pool and Spa Warehouse have a wide range of floating lights available for you to choose from.


String lights add a certain amount of magic to your pool setting! Contrary to the belief that they aren’t the safest lights to go with, overhead string lighting, if installed properly, add an oomph and depth to your oasis. In addition to that, string lights have weatherproof sockets and heavy-gauge wire that provide them with prolonged life spans and permanence. Whether you hang them over your pools or use them to decorate your patios, commercial-grade string lights are fascinating solutions for beautifying your surroundings.

If you are thinking of choosing overhead string lighting for your outdoor space The Lighting Outlet can help you decide which model to chose.


LEDs are the safest and the most popular medium to light up your backyard pool. Luminous, colourful and durable, the LED lights are energy efficient sources of light that will save you 80% of the energy other lights would use, while offering a considerable degree of safety and utility after the sun sets down. In addition to that, they are heat-resistant and do not contain filaments, unlike incandescent bulbs that burn out over time. LED lights not only illuminate the waters but also work well around the backyard or the submerged seating ledges within your luxury pool.

To find out more on the types of LED pool lighting and price guide Mr Poolman is a great place to start.


Laminar lighting helps you make the most of your pool after the sun sets and you’re in a mood for a swim. Laminar lights are brilliant water features that train LED lights onto the currents of water spurting into your swimming pool, creating a vigorously colourful imagery amidst the dark! The stunning visual effects are complemented by the soothing sound and dynamic flow of water, lending an exceptional pool experience. Laminar Jets can be installed in both existing and new pools, and their arc height and distance can easily be adjusted with the innovative adjustment valves attached to these jets.

With new advancements in pool lighting , there’s a range of lighting options available to transform your pool space. If you’re here to discover some inspiration, check out our website for information on latest pool trends and styles.

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