Waklerly Plunge Pool

Although there was space for a larger pool the property is dissected by several sewer pipes and manholes restricting a pool to a smaller section of the rear yard close to the house and existing small alfresco patio.

Privacy also being a factor as the rear of the house is higher than and overlooks a main road at the rear of the property so higher fences were installed by the owner to create a private smaller integrated courtyard style pool and entertaining area with glass fencing installed to provide an open feel when viewed from the residence.

A darker colored glass bead interior finish has been used and complimented by the waterline and step edging tiling with a porcelain tiled surrounds matched in over the existing rear patio to provide a seamless expanded look to the area.   

The result is a plunge pool set in an enclosed private space with a sense of courtyard living with landscaping surrounds being a work in progress by the owner.

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