Custom Pool Design Service in Brisbane

(Complimentary for Pool Zone Only)


  • Initial Site Visitation, measure up and consultation
  • One Design and costing review meeting, where designer will run through the design in specialised 3D software on the laptop so you understand exactly how it will all work on site.
  • There is an Opportunity to tweak the design and costing during this meeting.
  • One Itemised Quotation will be provided with one set of amendments if required.

If after this stage if you would like to continue to work with our designer to fine tune the design and accommodate the budget we will require you to engage Cityscapes to complete a Design Package.

If you would like the project designer to look at a larger scope than just the pool zone and would like to include the whole yard in the design/scope you will be required to engage Cityscapes to do a complete the design phase


To engage Cityscapes to complete the design phase, including supply of a 2D construction plans, 3D images, a detailed scope of works, as well as engineering and certification documentation please ask your designer for a quote. 

Prices start from $1,500.00 ex GST (up to 400m2)

It is recommended that you have a contour survey and boundaries pegged prior to engaging the pool builder. Please note if you choose to use Cityscapes to build part or all of your project these design fees will be credited back to you.


Pool Package form

Please complete the below and we will send you our detailed Pool Packages